Special Programs

Every semester the FSU London Study Centre offers a variety of focused programs that take advantage of the London experience. Click here to see those programs.

Please note that the programs are not necessarily offered every semester.

Choral and Instrumental Music Education

English Literature

Global Sport Management

International Affairs

London Communications

European and British History

Multimedia-Media Design and Production


Communication Science and disorders

Barbican Hall

The Concert hall at the Barbican with the London Symphony Chorus. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In this program, the rich musical tradition of London brings to life the study of choral/instrumental music and conducting for students and music educators alike. Students study with internationally known faculty from The Florida State University College of Music. Students may use this opportunity to complete their Master of Music Education degree. Additionally, teachers of music may enroll and use the program to renew their certification. Musical and cultural opportunities are integrated into the curriculum to provide students with a unique learning environment.

Courses explore aspects of teaching choral music. Students work to improve student/conductor feedback and to enhance their gestural vocabulary. Special lectures are presented on the topics of rehearsal technique, choral tone, and adolescent voices.

Students having tea

Students majoring in English can study British literature at its source during the fall semester. They may choose among upper-division English courses specific to the English Literature program and from courses offered during the fall semester in the London Broad Curriculum Program. This allows them to progress toward their degrees on schedule, while gaining the immense benefits of the London experience. As they read works by writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Keats, Dickens, and Woolf, they can visit the settings of the stories and poems, the homes of the authors, museum exhibits, and productions of plays. Many of the courses are repeatable up to 24 credit hours, allowing students to repeat a course in London's vastly different and enriching learning environment.

The Study Centre is located two minutes from the British Museum in the intellectually-rich neighborhood of Bloomsbury, the center of the Bloomsbury Group of writers, philosophers, and artists. Particular attention is placed on the Americans who lived in London, the effect of their experience, and the impact of London on American literature. Students visit other districts of London that are rich in literary associations such as Hampstead, Chelsea, and Greenwich. Outlying neighborhoods of London are used to trace the major London authors to their homes and work places. Drama is also explored as students attend performances of the plays they are studying on the London stage.

Global Sports

For students at all levels pursuing a degree in sport management or a related field, study abroad adds a significant dimension to one's career preparation. With courses covering topics such as international sport marketing and business, governance, socio-cultural issues, and facility and event management, students achieve an invaluable global perspective

Classroom discussions are augmented by presentations from sport industry professionals in Great Britain and France, as well as by exclusive field trips. The program is based in London where students visit offices of governing bodies, sports organizations, and attend in-season sporting events. Field trips to Wimbledon and the Open Championships are highlights of this popular program. The Global Sport Management program includes a visit to Paris, which allows students the opportunity to attend the final stage of the Tour de France, as well as the opportunity to tour notable sport facilities.

Students at the International  Court of Justice in The Hague(Netherlands)

This program is designed to add a study abroad dimension to The Florida State University's baccalaureate and master's degree programs in International Affairs. The program is exceptionally rigorous academically and is ideal for graduate students and those undergraduates who are seeking a very demanding yet extremely rewarding program. All courses offered count toward the International Affairs major and the International Affairs minor.

Courses are taught in a stimulating seminar format that engages students in an active discussion of current issues of European politics such as the European Union and ethnic conflict. In addition to formal course work, the curriculum includes a complementary program of lectures and briefings at various academic and governmental organizations. These may include meetings with members of Parliament, briefings at the Bank of England on the European single currency, sessions at the American Embassy, guest speakers from London universities, and representatives of multinational corporations operating in the United Kingdom. A highlight of the program is a trip to the continent on which students gain valuable insight into the workings of international organizations such as the European Parliament, NATO, the European Union and/or Human Rights organizations.

Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park

Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, London. Courtesy of Jared and Corin.

International study and immersion in another culture provide an inquiry driven introduction to different perspectives, cultures and histories, as well as a valuable background for working in the global economy. This program offers students the unique opportunity to study communication and public speaking in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe. Studies focus on communication issues in Great Britain. Classroom lectures and presentations are augmented with excursions to a multitude of London sites including Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, where speakers have assembled to express their views since the middle of the 19th Century. The program also uses London's varied theatre offerings as the lens through which students explore rhetoric and didactic literature. All courses offered count toward the Communication major and the Communication minor.

Dr. Paul teaching history

Whether a student's interest is in the royal ceremonies of Westminster Abbey, the revolutionary fervor of the Place de la Bastille or the Cold War culture of Checkpoint Charlie, the European and British History Program has something for everyone. Designed to provide a unique opportunity to engage in primary research, attend small classes and conduct multiple academic site visits, this program will immerse students in the history and culture of modern Europe.

Using the city as a textbook, students will spend much of their time out and about on academic excursions to both sites of history and sites of commemoration. Walking tours of London might take students to the likes of Whitehall - where in a single road one can visit the Houses of Parliament, making a classroom discussion of political reform more real; and sit in Trafalgar Square, allowing for a unique understanding of how England's defeat of France helped form a national identity. Beyond London, students will participate in day-long excursions to such sites of history as Bath, Cambridge, Brighton and Stonehenge. The program also includes a week-long trip exploring the monuments and archives of Paris and Berlin.

Students learning photography

Designed for everyone interested in learning more about Web 2.0 applications, this program offers two classes that are appropriate for graduate students in the College of Information and interested students from other graduate majors. Coursework examines theory, concepts and techniques, while using London as the subject matter on which practical projects are based. Particular emphasis is given to settings from children's books. Students plan, design and create websites, podcasts, short films, digital photographs, personalized books, and other multi-media presentations. Guest lectures by professionals from schools and libraries provide an international perspective on current practices and career prospects. In addition, excursions to other parts of the United Kingdom and a day in Paris are included.

Freud's couch

Freud's famous sofa in The Freud Museum, London. Courtesy of Konstantin Binder

Learn how the principles of Psychology apply in different cultures while living in London! This program allows students to experience British culture while offering two courses that are not available on the Tallahassee campus. Both of these courses count as 4000-level electives that can fulfill either psychology major or minor requirements. In addition to classroom meetings, the program leader will accompany students on planned excursions in London, one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world. Excursions may include such locations of general cultural interest as Canterbury, Leeds Castle, the Globe Theatre to see a Shakespeare performance and other locations in London. Additional excursions may include visits to sites of particular relevance to the specific courses offered by the program. All students are required to register for both classes offered on this program.

Students at London Bridge

Around the world, those who work with people who have speech and language problems go by different professional names and complete different professional training. Many treatment innovations for people who stutter, have autism, etc. have originated in London and the United Kingdom. Students who complete this program will learn about and observe clinical practices in the wondrous city of London. The Program in Communication Science and Disorders will provide students first-hand knowledge of how this profession is practiced in the United Kingdom. The two courses in the proposed program will include interactions with clinicians from world renowned speech and language clinics in London. Each course will focus on a part of the person's life span: one on speech and language problems among children and the other on these same problems among adults. There will also be a focus on the professional training and treatment of these speech and language problems in the United States and the United Kingdom. Material discussed in class will be demonstrated during visits to speech and hearing clinics in London. Both courses offered count toward requirements of the Communication Science and Disorders major.