Why Intern Abroad?

These experiences can be invaluable in shaping and defining an education and a career. Internships help students gain professional experience, skills for future advancement, enrich academic study with practical application, increase opportunity for future employment, and help with admission to graduate programs, experience personal growth as a global citizen, and establish international professional contacts.

REQUIRED International Programs Internship Information Session

Before you meet with our staff to discuss your interests, get to know what FSU International Internships offer!
Here, we will discuss:

  • Internship Location
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Application Process
  • And much more!

After attending the Information Session, you'll be able to schedule a one-on-one appointment with an advisor.
Summer and Fall 2024 sessions are offered Wednesdays at 11AM & Thursdays at 2:30PM via Zoom.
Please be prepared to have your camera on, and that you are free (not in a meeting or class) so you don't miss any information!


To get started, please register for an information session here and take a moment to review our program offerings!
If you have attended an information session, you can request an application here.

Summer 2024

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
Florence InternshipFlorence05/06/2408/01/24$17,995.00
Valencia InternshipValencia05/07/2407/28/24$14,220.00
London InternshipLondon05/08/2408/04/24$16,975.00
Republic of Panama InternshipPanama05/09/2408/03/24$14,375.00

Fall 2024

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
Republic of Panama InternshipPanama08/21/2412/14/24$15,845.00
London InternshipLondon08/28/2412/12/24$16,975.00
Florence InternshipFlorence08/29/2412/12/24$17,995.00
Valencia InternshipValencia09/05/2412/19/24$15,180.00

Spring 2025

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
Republic of Panama InternshipPanama01/03/2505/03/25$15,845.00
Florence InternshipFlorence01/09/2504/24/25$17,995.00
London InternshipLondon01/09/2504/24/25$16,975.00
Valencia InternshipValencia01/09/2504/24/25$15,180.00

Independent Interns

If you do not see an internship program of interest, you may want to explore the option of an Independent Internship.