Practical Tips

Eat in!

Always ask for student discounts


Take the bus

Text messaging and phone cards

Go to museums and art galleries

Don't take the express trains to the airport

Eat in!

When previous students were asked the best way to save money while living in London, the most frequent answer was to buy groceries and cook in the flats. While London offers loads of amazing restaurants, limiting how often you eat out can save you up to hundreds of pounds over the semester. Cooking dinner with your flatmates and splitting the cost is a great way to hang out, have a good meal and save money. Trust us on this one.

Student discounts

Theatreland, London by llamnuds. Courtesy of Flickr

Even if it is not advertised, many places and events offer student discounts that can save you tons. Keep your ISIC card handy at all times, as many places wont acknowledge IDs from your home university. It never hurts to ask.

walking in london

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

You would be amazed at how many places in London you can get to by foot. It is absolutely free, allows you see more of London and is great exercise! Just give yourself plenty of time and bring a map. With the cost of public transportation, walking can save you a lot of money.

London coach

London Bus by Oxyman. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Yes, the Tube is the quickest means to get around the city, but it is also the most expensive. To get to places outside of walking distance, hop on a bus. It is also another great way to actually see where you are going.


Texting on a keyboard phone by Alton. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Weve noticed a lot of you have mobiles. The best way to get more for your money when it comes to communication is to text other people instead of calling. Calling to other mobiles is particularly expensive. When calling the states, it is much cheaper to buy a phone card and call from a land line instead of using your mobile.

Museum visit

Most of the museums and art galleries in London are free. You have museums of a wide variety here in London why not check out the National Gallery, or Victoria and Albert, or Imperial War Museum, or any of a number of free places. And you can score major culture points by going.

Don't pay covers

Entrance (below ground) to Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 tube station by Sunil060902. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Sure, they are the quickest and most convenient way to get to the airport, but the Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick Express trains are expensive! If you are just travelling for the weekend or spring break, and dont have a lot of luggage, look into taking a bus to the airport. It takes longer, but will save you several pounds, especially if you book a return ticket. Or, if you are flying out of Heathrow, just take the Tube on the Piccadilly line all the way to the terminal.