London: a city that is home to over 7.5 million people and headquarters of most of the UK's top 100 listed companies, making it a leading global city. In the FSU Work Placement Programme students have the opportunity to explore this city and work side-by-side with the people who call it home. Living and studying in London will expose you to the great history and modern culture that makes this dynamic metropolis one of the most popular destinations in the world.  Coupled with a carefully crafted work placement, students can immerse themselves in British life even further.

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Why work in London?

A professional internship in London gives students an international perspective in their field of work.  Placements are in a variety of industries, from art to politics to finance.  In the past students have worked at prestigious places such as the Houses of Parliament and the British Museum.  Their experience gained from these work placements in an international setting gives them a leg up in today’s global society.  Students talk about an unparalleled growth, excitement and enjoyment from the experience.

As with any real-world job, you must meet the standards of your host organization; you must both perform well and work well with people. With a position abroad, though, you add another achievement: the ability to work within office dynamics and across cultural divisions. Conditions and Eligibility Competition for international work placements is keen, as the sponsoring organizations are seeking highly capable students. Only the most qualified candidates are selected. While we make every effort to find the best placement to match your academic and career goals, we cannot guarantee a specific placement.

Placements are dependent upon your credentials, the availability of suitable positions, and a possible interview. When requesting a placement, you should carefully consider the commitment, maturity, level of responsibility, and qualifications required for an international internship.

Note that specific internship placements are not and cannot be guaranteed.

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We have placed students in a variety of career paths, including:
Arts Administration
Community Services
Education (non-teaching)
International Business
International Affairs
Product Development
Public Relations
Real Estate
Social Media
Social Policy
Sports Management

You can also request a work placement outside of these areas that aligns with your course of study.