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Cultural Activities

For students on the FSU London Program, learning doesn't end in the classroom. All of the faculty are encouraged to use the city of London itself as a text, incorporating field trips within the city into their classes. These trips are complimented by an extensive social/cultural calendar for all the students, including daytrips outside of the city, excursions within London, and other events held at the Study Centre.

We are committed to helping students get to know London and the UK, and our social cultural program allows us to do this in a variety of different ways. Mostly included in the program fees, students participate in an exciting range of daytrips and excursions. On arrival, several events enable students to get to know each other and the city. For example, we take a walking tour of the neighbourhood, a guided bus tour of London and attend a popular West End show.

Exploring the City of London

Open your eyes! There’s so much to see in London!

The staff regularly lead excursions to all corners of the city and attempt to lead students away from our cosy neighbourhood in Bloomsbury. Recent excursions have included: tickets to Premiership football matches, outdoor ice skating at Somerset House, Indian food on Brick Lane, fringe theatre in Haringey, Spitalfields Market in the east end, the Wildlife Photography Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, and many more. We only charge the cost price for these excursions and try and subsidise them where possible.

Within the city, we often include trips to places such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and the Tower of London.

Please note that the daytrips and excursions offered change every semester so that we can take advantage of the most recent and exciting events. We do not guarantee that any particular trip will be offered.

Daytrips and Excursions

The program includes several daytrips to places outside of London. Rented luxury buses, professional tour guides, and experienced staff make for an educational and enjoyable day out. For example, some daytrip destinations have included: the university towns of Cambridge and Oxford; Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-Upon-Avon; the ancient and magical Stonehenge; the current home of the Queen, Windsor Castle; Canterbury Cathedral; the Victorian seaside town of Brighton; the childhood home of Elizabeth I, Hampton Court Palace, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making of Harry Potter, and many more.

UK Weekend Trips

Each Fall and Spring semester and summer session we organise a weekend trip to a different part of the UK, allowing us to take our students to locations that cannot be reached during a day trip. Destinations so far have included Edinburgh, Liverpool, North Wales, Cornwall and Yorkshire. We travel either by coach or train depending on the location and all trips include bed and breakfast accommodation and entry fees for group excursions.

Events at the Study Centre

Life at the Study Centre has a community feel. Students and staff get to know each other, and everybody shares in the experience of living in the middle of this great city. We regularly host events at the centre. Movie nights, highlighting the best of British film and television, are often popular. We also host pizza parties, Halloween parties, socials, Thanksgiving dinner, and other events. We are open to ideas – if you would like to hold an event – let us know!