Administrative Staff

Director - Dr Kathleen Paul

Dr. Kathleen Paul

A historian, Kathleen Paul has been teaching British and European history to Floridian students for much of the past two decades. Kathleen received her undergraduate degree from the University of York, her graduate teaching certificate from the University of Bath, and her Master's and PhD from Boston College, MA. Kathleen's research centers on issues of race, citizenship, empire and migration and has been supported by a variety of grants and awards. Kathleen originally went to the United States as a study abroad student and thus has some understanding of the issues which FSU students might encounter during their time in England - though there are fewer alligators in London perhaps.

Senior Associate Director - Dr Lisa Bowers-Isaacson

Dr. Lisa Bowers-Isaacson

Educated at Grinnell College (Iowa) and Princeton University, Dr Bowers Isaacson is an American who has lived and taught in London for more than fifteen years. She specializes in the History of London and in Early Modern England. London is for her a multi-dimensional textbook: "Doing history by walking the streets, visiting the actual sites, and seeing the original portraits and artifacts makes the past come alive."

Senior Programs Manager - Katie Behringer

Katie Behringer

Originally from Detroit, Katie first fell in love with Europe during her semester abroad in Ireland. Katie holds a BA in English Literature from Michigan State University and an MA in English Literature from the University of Nottingham. Having only spent one day in London before years earlier, Katie up and moved to London in 2008. Now completely in love with London, Katie has been working in the study abroad industry to share all of her favourite secrets of the city with American students. Since her study abroad, Katie has visited over 40 countries around the world in her quest for new music, culture and vegetarian delights.

Programs Manager - Emily Greene

Emily Greene

Emily was born and raised in Tampa, but moved to Tallahassee and fell in love with Florida State University whilst studying Environmental Science, French, and British Studies. In the spring of 2011, she studied at the FSU London Study Centre and immediately became enthralled with London. Emily graduated from Florida State University with her BS in Environmental Science and is excited to be back in London working with the study abroad program that changed her life. It is her hope that each student that studies abroad at FSU London would have the most amazing experience.

Student Affairs Manager - Megan Griffin

Megan Griffin

Megan grew up in Tallahassee, raised from childhood to be a Seminole fan. Travelling abroad in high school, she found herself constantly planning her next adventure overseas. Megan graduated Florida State with a BA in Humanities in Spring 2013, with a semester spent at the study centre in London. In September 2014, she earned a M.Litt in Modern History from the University of St Andrews. Megan moved to London shortly after finishing her Masters because she loves the constant excitement and unlimited access to the amazing museums and cultural elements of the city. Megan is very passionate and excited about helping students have the best study abroad experience possible.

Facilities Manager - Janice Moody

Janice Moody

Janice has worked with Florida State students as the Head Receptionist/Building Manger since October 2004. Janice really enjoys her diverse role at FSU; she really loves meeting all the students and working with the different professors throughout the semesters. Janice is delighted with her recent promotion to Facilities Manager, which allows her to be more involved with the cultural events and students. Her main interests are the theatre, reading and spending time with family.


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