Faculty Application Status: Closed

The Online Faculty Application for teaching and leading programs for the Spring Break 2024 and Summer 2024 study abroad cycle is now closed. The next application cycle will open in mid-November 2023. More information will be posted closer to that date.

Teaching Abroad

Welcome, Faculty Members

Florida State University International Programs is proud to offer the opportunity to teach abroad. This incredible experience allows faculty members to immerse themselves in foreign cultures, engage their students in hands-on learning experiences, and gain personal and professional rewards from their time abroad.

International Programs offers year-round study abroad programs at four study centers located in: London, England; Florence, Italy; Panama City, Republic of Panama; and Valencia, Spain. Faculty members have the option of applying for a fall, spring, spring break, or summer session in one of these four locations. There is also a multitude of curriculum-focused, or major-focused, programs offered in many other places throughout the world during the summer.

Passionate Teaching

Faculty members who teach abroad with International Programs are respected around the world and continually embrace teaching in locations that bring learning to life. During a study abroad program, the foreign city transforms into the classroom; faculty members have the opportunity to teach highly motivated students in unique and small learning environments. International Programs’ faculty members are leaders in their fields: the innovators, the experts. They bring with them a passion for their subject that cannot be matched, one that is highlighted even further by the diverse, culturally rich locations that International Programs offers. These faculty members serve as instructors, mentors, and guides, challenging students to become globally aware citizens during this life changing experience.

Enhanced Experiences

As faculty members repeatedly return to teach in foreign locations, they become more familiar with those places: where to buy the best gelato in Florence, how to navigate the London Underground with ease, and how to order paella in Valencia using Spanish. Faculty members also develop strong rapport with local experts in their fields to create unique opportunities for guest speakers, which further enhance students’ learning experiences. Through these relationships, faculty members and students can immerse themselves in the local community and begin to delve into the culture of their host city.

Award-Winning Faculty

The prestigious team of International Programs’ faculty members includes published authors, world-renowned performers, and scholars who have presented nationally and internationally in their areas of expertise. Awards and titles received by former International Programs faculty members include, but are not limited to: Distinguished Research Professors, Distinguished Teachers, Presidents and Provost’s Named Professorships, Poet Laureate, and the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professors Award.