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You are about to embark on a most unusual and exciting academic semester. By joining us here at the London Study Centre, you will be pursuing your academic degree program while using the London experience, and the access to the broader European context, to test the assumptions you hold against the background of a very different cultural experience. You should find the experience stimulating and different. Most of the students who have come through this program, more than three thousand since its inception over 35 years ago, are changed fundamentally.

You must remember, however, that this semester is not a vacation, but part of your regular academic program. In fact, in some ways, you might find this to be an even more demanding academic program than you have back at your home campus. In part because, unlike many of the universities you attend back home (and certainly unlike FSU), you are now in what amounts to a small, liberal arts college setting. Classes are smaller and more intimate than on your home campus, and you will have much more interaction with your fellow students and with faculty than you have had back home. You will no longer be part of an anonymous crowd in a large classroom. Your faculty have been selected primarily because of their genuine interest in teaching in a participatory undergraduate setting.

By virtue of the setting and small classes, higher expectations will be placed upon you, and will have an immediate impact. For example, you will be expected to keep up with your course assignments. Since the classes here are small, more like undergraduate seminars, there is an expectation that you will participate in class discussions. It will be very hard to be a silent or passive participant in the classes, and you must therefore be prepared in order to maintain a high level of performance. You will need to make sure that your social experiences and travel do not interfere with your academic progress.

Sample Course Descriptions


For many of your classes, you should bring or pre-order the books you need before you arrive. If your professor is using books that can be obtained in this country, you can purchase these books at Waterstone's Bookstore at 120 Oxford Street W1D 1LT, Foyle's Bookstore at 107 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0DT. Alternatively, you can pre-order books from Amazon.co.uk and have them posted to the London Study Centre address.

Academic Honour Code

You should be familiar with the normal university policies on academic honesty and integrity. The university's Academic Honour Code provides specific details regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty in the classroom and how such acts will be dealt with.

A copy of the Honour Code is found at pp 65-66 of the General Bulletin, a copy of which is located in the administration office.

Provisions relating to academic integrity are also found in the Florida State University Handbook. All these provisions are enforced here at the London Study Centre and you should be familiar with them.