Program Assistant

This is not an academic, credit-bearing placement, and all applicants must have completed their degree by the time of starting the position.

International Programs is excited to announce a paid internship opportunity to work as a Program Assistant at the London Study Centre.

Part RA, part office administrator and event coordinator, this internship position is a unique opportunity for recent graduates looking to return to London and be a part of the International Programs team. The internship is structured in such a way to provide you with invaluable administrative and interpersonal skills that are essential in any career path.

In line with immigration regulations, this internship position will be paid in accordance with UK National Minimum Wage legislation.

General Responsibilities

The PA position is a full-time position, the responsibilities of which can be divided into three parts:

Office: PAs are expected to work a minimum of 30 hours per week and up to 50 hours at busy times of the semester.

Cultural: PAs are expected to work on selected weekends and evenings as required by the cultural schedule.

Pastoral: PAs are on call all evenings and weekends throughout their time in London.


Typical duties include: assisting in the planning and implementation of the various programs available at the LSC, managing budgets, arranging and promoting events, record-keeping, working directly with students and faculty.


-Preparing for and managing cultural calendar events

- Leading excursions in London and around Britain and other social/cultural events (e.g. group meals, theatre events, etc.)

- Catering breakfast on class days and weekly Pizza Nights

- Catering for other events throughout the semester

- Planning and leading weekend excursions


- Assisting students (e.g. with travel plans, medical information, accompanying to hospital etc, ) and providing advice/ counselling as required

- Adhering to and enforcing study centre and housing rules and policies, and promoting a sense of community.

Benefits Include:

- Hourly compensation for work in the administrative office

- Housing at the study centre as compensation for pastoral care - Housing will likely be in single rooms but could be in double.

- All immigration costs (the BUNAC program fee and Visa application fee)

- Return Airfare

- Comprehensive Medical Insurance

- Oystercard with monthly top-up, which can be used on Tube, trains, and buses

- Cell phone with monthly top-up

- Cultural activities with students, including London excursions, day trips, weekend trips and theatre shows.

Eligibility and Deadlines

Each position will last for six months, and the successful applicant will enter the UK via BUNACís Intern in Britain scheme.

To participate in this program, you must hold a US passport and currently be resident in the USA. You must be either a full-time degree level student, or a graduate intending to begin the internship no more than 12 months beyond the end of study.

As a part of the Visa process, you must be able to provide a bank statement (for your own account or a joint account) to show that you have access to $1500 at the time you submit your application.

IP will reimburse the BUNAC program fee and the UK Visa fee for the successful applicant.

To be eligible for this position, you must make sure you are legally allowed to work in the UK. US citizens should check their eligibility for the BUNAC Work in Britain scheme by following the links on their website.

For holders of an EU passport, no visa is required and the successful applicant could (if they wished) be considered for a position lasting up to a year.

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