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Services for Other Institutions

We can help you to create the perfect study abroad experience for your students! With almost 60 years of experience, plus fully-staffed study centers in Italy, England, Spain, and Panama, we make it easier than ever for you to provide your students with a customized study abroad program that is branded with your institution’s name.

Utilizing our exceptional faculty, first-rate secured facilities, and seasoned professionals in the United States and the host country, we can facilitate the development of faculty-led or university-wide broad curriculum programs.

Customize Your Program

You choose the services you will need, as well as when and where you need them! Together, we can capitalize on our experience and well-established infrastructure to create your program, with your brand. We can meet your unique set of needs by incorporating into your program various elements from the following options:

  • Academic courses, with the option of offering academic credit from FSU or through your own institution
  • Classroom rental, including computer labs and wireless access
  • Cultural excursions and events
  • Internship placements, supervision, and Tier IV (immigration) services
  • Student housing
  • Faculty housing
  • Pastoral care
  • Faculty office
  • Medical and emergency evacuation insurance
  • Visa assistance
  • International Student Identity Card

Details about each study center location are provided below. We have also created a brochure which you can download and share with colleagues. For additional information or questions, please contact Louisa Blenman.

London, England

Since 1971, the FSU London Program has offered students from across the nation a fine liberal arts curriculum in a historic seat of Western government, commerce, and literature. The London Study Centre is located in a row of 17th century buildings registered on the British National Heritage list. Students live and study in our state-of-the art educational facility in the heart of the Bloomsbury district, one block from the British Museum and minutes from the theatre district, the National Gallery and many more London landmarks.

The London Study Centre

In December 1992, Florida State University purchased a freehold to four adjoining buildings in Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. Registered on the British National Heritage list, this restored, refurbished, and redesigned, seven-building complex comprises a coherent and permanent home for our London Study Centre. Several features from these original buildings are still preserved within the modern surroundings. Both the Peacock Room and the Adams Room were once drawing rooms for the elite of London and both once had beautiful long country views to the north, up towards Highgate and Hampstead. Students enjoy the historic architecture along with comfortable flats (apartments), classrooms, a lecture hall/theatre, a library, two computer labs and Wireless Internet throughout the building. More information, as well as photographs can be found on the London Study Centre website.


The London Study Centre combines modern convenience with a historic setting. With its fully self-contained and furnished apartments, the Centre, among other amenities, boasts 24-hour wireless connectivity, two computer labs, a library, free laundry facilities, and a student lounge. Flats include shared bedrooms, bathroom with shower, sitting room with TV and a well-equipped kitchen. If these spaces are filled, students will be housed in comparable accommodations within central London.


Study Centre excursions include day trips to places such as Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge, and Stratford upon Avon. Study Centre staff can also plan and organize overnight excursions to convenient locations like Paris or Brussels, as well as overnight UK-based trips to inspiring and stimulating locations such as Cornwall, Edinburgh, or Liverpool.

Florence, Italy

There are few places in the world as fascinating as Florence. Students who choose to study abroad in Italy experience the best of all worlds. Its Renaissance influence gives students the truly unique opportunity to study in a city alive with history, culture and art – and home to monumental museums, palaces and churches. Florence offers students the possibility to see world class operas, concerts, art exhibits and festivals that normally can be seen only in a larger city, all while holding on to its quaint Italian charm. The city is the students' classroom. Its rich history and culture are brought to life as students study first hand the works of masters who shaped Western culture, such as Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Michelangelo.

The Florence Study Center

The study center, located in the 15th-century Alessandri Palace, is just a short stroll from the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, and the world renowned Uffizi Gallery. Students study in a beautiful Renaissance palace which has facilities equipped with modern comforts and technology. The Center includes a modest library with a collection focused on art history, history, and the Humanities. Students also have access to a computer lab and a lounge.


Program housing is apartment-style within an approximate 25-minute or less walk from the Study Center. Bedrooms are twins and triples with shared bathrooms. Other amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen, washing machine, living area with television, and weekly cleaning service. Bed linens and towels are provided. Daily meal vouchers to local cafes and restaurants may also be provided.


Study Center excursions typically include day trips to the artistic and historical treasures of Ravenna, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza and Volterra. We can also plan and organize overnight weekend group trips to cities such as Venice and Rome.

Panama City, Republic of Panama

Panama is called the Crossroads of the Americas: the Atlantic and Pacifc oceans are only an hour’s drive apart. Its capital city is a cosmopolitan nexus for world trade while just an hour from tropical rain forests. Where else can a student earn an American degree in a Latin American, bilingual environment combining the unspoiled and the sophisticated with the study of business, science, and the liberal arts? Panama City is one of Central America's most cosmopolitan cities, mixing the historical and the modern in a lush natural setting. The large multi-ethnic population offers a variety of cultural immersion opportunities. Panama is one of Central America's safest and most hospitable countries, as well as the region's major international trade center. Its strategic location makes it a regional hub for many United Nations organizations and several international NGOs. It is also home of the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel known as the eighth world wonder, with approximately 5% of the world trade transiting through this waterway. Panama is rich in history and offers a wide variety of environmental adventures that greatly appeal to those interested in natural sciences.

The FSU Panama Campus

FSU-Panama is located on the prestigious City of Knowledge campus, a large educational and research complex that includes several international organizations, research and teaching institutions, and international as well as local businesses. It is the cornerstone of an effort to utilize innovation, entrepreneurial culture and sustainability to fully develop Panama and Latin America. The University is among elite international organizations, such as the United Nations, UNICEF, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Peace Corp, and the World Wildlife Federation.

The University’s recently renovated building boasts classrooms, science laboratories, computer labs, administrative offices, and a student lounge. The FSU-Panama Library, located in an adjacent building, contains the largest English-language collection in the country. Students are housed in shared, duplex accommodation in the same area of the City of Knowledge as the United Nations. In addition to all the City of Knowledge offers our students, they are able to immerse themselves into Panamanian history, culture and ecology. As the ‘Crossroads of the Americas’ situated as the southernmost country in North/Central America, Panama possesses the shortest distance between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. The Panama Canal, which is located literally across the street from the City of Knowledge, plays a vital part of the global marketplace, with over 15,000 ships traversing the canal annually.


Students may live in furnished villas in a residential area within about a 20 minute walk from the main classroom building. Each villa has shared bedrooms, living-dining area, fully equipped kitchen, Internet access, and shared bathrooms. The City of Knowledge has outstanding sport facilities for basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, football, and volleyball - plus a swimming pool and gym. Alternatively, students on short term stays may be housed in a more traditional dormitory located in the heart of the City of Knowledge.


Panama’s historic sites, dynamic business environment, and unspoiled terrain yield a wide variety of specialized excursions to extend learning beyond the classroom. With short trips, students are able to tour the engineering marvels of the Panama Canal Locks and Visitors’ Center; explore Colonial Panama, Old Panama, and Cosmopolitan Panama; visit the indigenous communities of the Embera Indians surrounded by freshwater rapids; and discover the San Blas Islands, home to the Kuna Indians, surrounded by the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea. Students learn about their culture, dances, food, handicrafts, and customs. Additionally, there are opportunities to visit international prize-winning coffee plantations, participate in hikes and ecotourism, zip-line through the tropical rain forest, rappel down a waterfall, go deep sea fishing, sunbathe, snorkel, and even surf

Valencia, Spain

An ancient city that is now Spain’s third largest, Valencia is an exhilarating mix of history, art, intellectual activity, and civic pride. The remarkable richness of this Hispanic culture’s art and architecture reflects the Roman, Visigoth, Moorish, and Aragonese traditions. The many museums spread before students a cultural panorama: El Greco, Goya, and Velazquez; ancient Greek and Iberian ceramics; the wonder of prehistoric fossils. There are also the new Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, with the Museum of the Sciences, L’Hemisfèric cinema-planetarium, the Opera House: Palace of the Arts, and a huge park and aquarium. Valencia, host to the America’s Cup, also boasts beautiful beaches, a wharf and busy sailing facilities.

The Valencia Study Center

Florida State University is especially proud to have its Study Center complex, located in restored buildings in the historic downtown quarter, adjacent to the famous Serrano Towers. Renovations have been made with care for architectural treasures uncovered during the process. The state-of-the-art wireless Study Center complex includes classrooms, administrative offices, a computer lab and self-contained student apartments.


Fully furnished multi-roomed high quality apartments at the Valencia Study Center include shared double and triple occupancy bedrooms, bathrooms with a shower, a living room with a TV and a fully equipped kitchen. The center, offering 24/7 front desk coverage, provides free laundry facilities, wireless internet access, and a computer lab. Bed linens and towels are provided, as well as cleaning once per week. If these spaces are filled, students will be housed in comparable accommodations within central Valencia


Students can experience both local and more distant travel opportunities tied to their academic study, possibly including explorations of the nearby ancient Roman city of Sagunto or castle towns such as Xátiva. Day trips are also available to other nearby ancient cities, castle towns, sailing, and mountain excursions. Overnight excursions can easily include Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucia, the Pyrenees Mountains or another region of Spain.