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Fall: Performance Studies Semester

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Introduction to London Theatre (mandatory)

A theatre audience course consisting of theatre-going, the discussion of plays, their theoretical background, historical context, and criticism; with guest speakers from the London theatre community. 

Shakespeare (Performance)

A course which develops practical strategies for working with Shakespeare’s text and introduces the basics of verse-speaking.


A course within the LeCoq tradition, focusing on presence, dynamics of playing in the space and mask work.

Scene Study

Offers students the chance to rehearse and perform duet and ensemble acting scenes from both contemporary and classical dramatic canon with some of London's best actors and directors.

Theatre Encounters

A practical course in theatre making.  Students will devise and perform their own work.

Fundamentals of Playwriting

This class is a practical exploration of the craft of writing for the stage.  Students will write their own short dramas.

Contemporary Voice

A voice class that offers fundamental vocal training for actors and work on contemporary play texts.

Stage Combat

This course focuses on creating the illusion of violence for Stage and Screen . A basic introduction is given to Rapier and Dagger, SIngle Sword and Unarmed Combat.

See a more detailed description of sample courses here.

Masterclasses and Workshops:

Every semester, Theatre Academy London brings in professional artists from the ever-changing London theatre community to lead brief sessions on a variety of stage skills. Each session provides practical application and insightful feedback on students' work. Whether directing or acting, classical text or contemporary, these master classes and workshops offer insight into the Theatre as both Industry and Art Form.

See a detailed list of previous masterclasses and workshops.

Broad Curriculum Courses:

In addition to the TAL courses listed above , students may also enrolled in courses drawn from the larger liberal arts curriculum of the FSU London Study Centre campus.

Visit the FSU London Study Centre Sample Courses page to learn more.

Theatre Academy Certificate:

TAL offers a Certificate Program in the Spring/Fall to recognize and reward achievement in the Dramatic Writing/Performance Studies Semesters in London. Successful completion of 9 credit hours of Writing/Acting classes will earn the Theatre Academy Certificate (which will be added to your transcript). Students will apply for admission to the Certificate program through Theatre Academy London, who may conduct interviews or auditions and ask for references as appropriate. The Certificate is not intended as a diploma or degree but to make a particular concentration in the above theatre arts.

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Theatre Academy London cannot guarantee a place in any of the classes listed.  We work hard, however, to satisfy the majority of class requests.