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About Florida's International Linkage Institute Programs

Recognizing the need to prepare its students and citizens for participation in the expanding international marketplace, the Florida Legislature created the International Linkage Institute Program in 1986. The goal of the Institutes is to assist in the development and promotion of commercial, educational, and social exchanges between Florida and foreign countries determined to be of strategic importance to the state. Over the last several years, the value of the Institute program to the state has become more readily apparent.

Since international trade and investment has become Florida’s leading source of revenue, Florida must build long-term educational and cultural ties to our strategic trading partners throughout the world in order to provide high quality jobs and incomes for its residents into the 21st century.

The Linkage Institutes are each jointly administered by one or more state universities in partnership with a state community college, and are linked to counterpart organizations of higher education in the selected foreign countries.

The Linkage Institutes have developed innovative programs to bring Florida business leaders into direct contact with educators who have expertise and close working relations in targeted countries. Equally important networks are formed when students from overseas return to their home countries, often to assume important professional and business positions, and take with them the friendships they cultivated in Florida. This type of personal connection to the world outside of Florida translates into immediate and long-term benefits to the state.

The state of Florida permits each Institute to award up to 1,050 credit hours, per academic year, to partner country students through the Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Program. Students in the program must be enrolled in one of Florida's public state universities or community colleges and meet certain established academic and state-legislated criteria in order to qualify. These awards allow the foreign country students to study at in-state tuition rates.

Florida's Linkage Institutes

Florida—Brazil Institute
University of Florida (904) 392-9386
Miami-Dade Community College (395) 237-7443

Florida—France Institute
University of South Florida (813) 974-4314
Florida State University (850) 644-7622
Miami-Dade Community College (305) 237-7443

Florida—Canada Institute
University of Central Florida (407) 823-3647
Palm Beach Community College (407) 439-8009
Florida—Israel Institute
Florida Atlantic University (305) 351-4150
Broward Community College (305) 351-4150
Florida—Caribbean Institute
Florida International University (305) 348-2894
Daytona Beach Community College (904) 254-3091
Florida—Japan Institute
University of South Florida (813)341-3251
University of West Florida (904)474-3363
St. Petersburg Community College (813)297-1026
Florida—China Institute
University of South Florida (813) 974-6205
University of West Florida (850) 474-2479
Brevard Community College (407) 632-1111
Florida—Mexico Institute
Florida International University (305) 348-2894
Polk Community College (813) 297-1026
Florida—Costa Rica Institute
Florida State University (850) 644-7622
Valencia College (407) 582-5287

Florida—West Africa Institute
University of North Florida (904) 646-2600
Florida A&M University (904) 599-3562
Florida Community College at Jacksonville (904) 633-8319

Florida—Eastern Europe Institute
University of Central Florida (407) 823-3647
Lake Sumter Community College (904) 365-3515

*Tuition Exemption Office*
Dr. Christine Probes
International Affairs Center
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave., CPR 107
Tampa, FL 33620-5550
Phone: (813) 974-8081
Fax: (813) 974-8271
Dr. Christine Probes

Gisela Fisher
International Programs
Florida State University
282 Champions Way
(Fifth floor of the University Center Building A, office suite A5500)
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2420
Phone: (850) 644-7622
Fax: (850) 644-8817
Gisela Fisher