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Independent Study

Beginning with fall 2013, we will no longer be able to offer our Independent Study option. Students who wish to receive credit for courses taken at a foreign institution will have three options: (1) receive credit from the foreign university and request to transfer it to FSU by providing their transcript to the Office of Admissions, (2) participate on an approved FSU exchange, or (3) enroll through a US study abroad provider that offers credit from a US institution.

As International Programs will no longer be able to facilitate the granting of FSU credit for this coursework, students will no longer be able to use financial aid for this type of experience (unless they are on an approved exchange program, which may have different implications for financial aid).

The university is exploring the possibility of developing processes that will allow students to use financial aid for transfer credit, but there is no solution in the immediate future. Presumably, if these new processes are developed, they will involve a mechanism for the students to come through our office for insurance and emergency contact tracking.

Independent Interns and Researchers will still go through International Programs and are not affected by this development. Medical students doing humanitarian work and law students doing externships are considered Independent Interns.

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