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Introducing Gateway: A Unique Opportunity

Florida State’s Gateway Program allows students to spend the first year of their undergraduate degree at one of our four international campuses and then transfer to the United States to earn the remainder of their degree at our main campus in Tallahassee, Florida. During the first year, students take classes from within a broad Liberal Arts curriculum – exploring a broad area of academic interests – prior to focusing on a final choice of major such as business, history, politics, or any one of the more than ninety degrees offered at our university. Gateway students also have the unique advantage of meeting and studying with American students with whom they will share the same campus when continuing studies in the U.S.A. Transfer assistance will be available both at the international centers and in Tallahassee, providing a smooth transition to campus life here in the States. Click here for information about fees upon transferring to the Tallahassee campus.

Florida State has study centers in London, England; Florence, Italy; Panama City, Republic of Panama; and Valencia, Spain. Students enjoy the centers’ vast academic resources, exciting learning excursions, and optional living accommodations. Each center is exquisite and unique to its location. They are headed by directors who are native to the country, establish one-on-one relationships with students, and are supported by staff who are devoted to providing a secure and nurturing learning atmosphere.

How to Apply:

  • Contact the study center of your choice for an application packet.
  • Return the completed application with required fees and documents prior to the deadline date. Visit your chosen center’s web site for application fee, deposits, required documents, program pricing, and deadlines information.

What Happens After You Apply:

  • Admissions decisions will be communicated to applicants.
  • Accepted students submit a holding deposit of which 50% is refundable if the student chooses not to attend.
  • Students submit admissions paperwork.
  • Students accept or reject offer of acceptance. Visit your chosen center’s web site for specifics about optional housing, excursion opportunities, course offerings, and their academic and cultural calendars.

Obtaining a Degree:

  • Each semester is 15 weeks with students taking 4 or 5 courses per semester. Courses are generally worth 3 or 4 credits, earning students 12 or 15 credits per semester.
  • Most students need 120 credits to graduate.
  • Most students graduate in 4 years, though by taking summer courses, it is possible to graduate in 3 years.

Selecting Courses:

  • Each major has an ‘academic map’ designed to guide students through course choices.
  • Assigned academic advisors ensure students follow the correct ‘mapping’ for their major.

Transferring to Tallahassee:

  • Students participate in SAT and visa workshops.
  • Upon completion of the workshops, students take the SAT and apply for a visa.
  • Students transfer to Tallahassee the following fall semester. Visit for information about anticipated fees upon transferring.

Student Support System:

  • At both the international campuses and in Tallahassee, a comprehensive guidance program promotes student well-being by offering instruction and guidance in key areas such as orientation, study skills, cultural sensitivity, money management, and lifestyle issues.
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