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Republic of Panama: Panama City

Panama is called the Crossroads of the Americas: the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are only an hour’s drive apart. Its capital city is a cosmopolitan nexus for world trade while just an hour from tropical rain forests. Where else can a student earn an American degree in a Latin American, bilingual environment combining the unspoiled and the sophisticated with the study of business, science, and the liberal arts? Panama City is one of Central America's most cosmopolitan cities, mixing the historical and the modern in a lush natural setting. The large multi-ethnic population offers a variety of cultural immersion opportunities.

Panama is one of Central America's safest and most hospitable countries, as well as the region's major international trade center. Its strategic location makes it a regional hub for many United Nations organizations and several international NGOs. It is also home of the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel known as the eighth world wonder, with approximately 5% of the world trade transiting through this waterway. Panama is rich in history and offers a wide variety of environmental adventures that greatly appeal to those interested in natural sciences.

For a list of hotels in Panama City, please click here.

Click on the headings below for detailed information about each program.

Broad Curriculum
The Broad Curriculum program gives students the opportunity to earn credits in general requirements and elective courses while experiencing modern Panama, historical areas, nearby beaches, and lush tropical regions.

After five decades in Panama, Florida State is well positioned to place students in educational and career-advancing internships. Total immersion in the Spanish language and culture is part of each internship. Students must have a strong background in both Spanish comprehension and conversation. See page 86 for more information.

Urban and Regional Planning
Students explore a variety of issues related to development in Latin American, including land use analysis, planning problems, site design, sustainable development, urban design, infrastructure and housing. Classroom-based study and guest lectures are complemented by cultural and academic visits throughout this eight week program.

First Year Abroad (FYA)
The Panama campus is an ideal Central American location for our First Year Abroad students. The course offerings allow most majors, particularly science majors, to progress academically while having a unique freshman experience abroad.

Panama Campus Majors
Complete undergraduate degrees are available in International Affairs, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Environmental Studies, Geography, Interdisciplinary Degree in Social Sciences, and Computer Science. Students can also complete prerequisite courses required for admission to the Colleges of Business and Engineering. The same academic standards and mapping regulations of the main campus apply to the academic programs in the Panama campus. A detailed description of these programs can be found on the university's Undergraduate Academic Program Guide.

Panama Campus Minors
Students may also complete minors in different areas such as Spanish, Business, Economics, International Affairs, Environmental Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Social Science, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, History, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Chemistry.

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