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Permanent Study Centers

Year-round study centers are a defining feature of The Florida State University’s International Programs. Each of our four centers offers residential and academic resources that include classrooms, libraries, and computer labs. Each facility is exquisite and unique, headed by study center directors who are native to the country, establish one-on-one relationships with their students, and are supported by center staff whose top priority is to provide a secure and nurturing learning atmosphere.


Established 1971
London Study Center Website

The Florida State London Study Centre, housed in a row of 17th century homes registered on the English National Heritage list, is a state-of-the-art educational and living facility. Students are based in the heart of the Bloomsbury district, one block from the British Museum and minutes from the theatre district, the National Gallery, and countless other landmarks and events in this world capital. Short walks and easy access to city buses and the tube enable our students to safely explore this fascinating city while enjoying off-site lectures, program-organized trips, and personal explorations.

To view the Safety Guide for the London Study Center, click here.


Estabilished 1966
Florence Study Center Website

Our Florence Study Center is one of the few U.S. study abroad programs actually located in the heart of this remarkable city. Housed in the 15thcentury Alessandri Palace, the Center is just a short stroll from the marbled Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, and the world renowned Uffizi Gallery. Surrounded by these century old historic sites, the Study Center classrooms, library, computer lab and student lounge are nevertheless equipped with modern comforts. Students and faculty also use it as a gathering place for both study and social activities. In addition, students have the chance to interact with faculty and staff during programcoordinated group trips and while enjoying authentic Italian food at the many program organized dinners.

To view the Safety Guide for the Florence Study Center, click here.

Panama City

Estabilished 1957
Panama City Study Center Website
This campus provides all the facilities and services of a small college. It is located in Panama's City of Knowledge, an international complex for education, research, and innovation. Within this complex, students enjoy full facilities including the largest English-language library in Panama, academic counseling, computer labs, a gymnasium, an auditorium, housing, a nice selection of small restaurants, and a convenience store. Sports are popular, as are cookouts, open-air music, and the entertaining “Night of the Arts,” when both faculty and students exhibit and perform their works of art.

For over 50 years, the Panama Campus has served thousands of students seeking associate and bachelor’s degrees. International Programs study abroad students join the Florida State Panama student body, comprised of students from Panama and 18 other nationalities pursuing one of six bachelor’s degrees, or completing the required Florida State Liberal Studies courses.

To view the Safety Guide for the Panama City Study Center, click here.


Estabilished 1997
Valencia Study Center Website

The newly renovated Valencia Study Center is housed in two historic buildings in the center of Valencia, just behind the landmark Serrano Towers. The Center contains part of the original Roman city wall, as well as a portion of a thousand-year-old Arabic wall, and several 14th-century tanning tanks. Accommodations in these historic buildings complement the beauty of the past while being very modern and featuring the latest technology.

Studying with Florida State in Spain allows students to enjoy the deep culture of an ancient city, the ultra modernity of the new City of the Arts and Sciences, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches, along with the many academic resources and cultural attractions of Spain’s third largest city.

To view the Safety Guide for the Valencia Study Center, click here.

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