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Florida State Programs

Students can select a program meeting either their major degree requirements or liberal studies requirements – or in some cases both! Those requirements can be met by attending programs during the fall, spring or summer semester at one of our four study centers in London, England; Florence, Italy; Valencia, Spain; or Panama City, Republic of Panama, or by participating during the summer terms in programs in a variety of other exciting locations around the world.

All of our courses are taught in English by faculty members who are either Florida State on-campus faculty who have traveled to teach in that location or local experts who have been vetted and approved by Florida State academic departments. Florida State credits are earned for all courses and are transferable within the U.S. university system, in accordance with the student’s home university regulations.

Whether students are taking liberal studies courses or focusing on a particular major, their programs will include day and/or overnight trips related to their specific course work. Learning becomes an adventure when students go on excursions to museums, fashion events, legal and political forums, financial institutions, or other places of business.

Because of our dedication to providing the most extensive and comprehensive study abroad experience possible, after completing 18 credit hours through programs, students can apply to receive a discounted fee for future programs.

Academics and Cultural Immersion

The Florida State University approach to study abroad carefully coordinates academics and cultural immersion. Courses are taught by distinguished university faculty and guest scholars from Florida State and the host countries; and each program features university guided learning excursions to enhance program course work. Our students live and study in the midst of incomparable academic resources: local architecture, museums and libraries, plus institutions of government, commerce, and education. While enjoying intimate small classes and extraordinary research opportunities, they live within another culture amongst students from all areas of Florida, our nation, and the world.

Student Support Beyond the Classroom

Florida State stands apart from other university study abroad programs because of the personal support staff and faculty commitment to our students. Every program begins with an on-campus orientation which includes travel, safety and location-specific information. Staff and faculty who know the country well help students in many ways: finding the nearest grocery or bank, getting health care, juggling essays and field trips, riding buses in the city, or planning independent travel.

Student Security Measures

The security of our students is one of our top priorities. Florida State is among the leaders in the nation in emergency preparedness for study abroad students. Each program and study center have emergency plans tailored to the unique needs of the programs and their locations. Staff, faculty and resident advisors are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our students and are in close and regular contact with participants.

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