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Build on Your Experience

Now that you have returned from your study abroad program, there are many ways you can build on your experience (other than going again!).

Participate in the Global Citizenship Certificate Program

The Global Citizenship Certificate program maximizes the rich cultural learning experiences available to Florida State University undergraduate and graduate students. The Global Citizenship Certificate provides participants with invaluable cross-cultural skills and the competencies needed to be a global-ready graduate. It can be used as a focal point when creating a resume by highlighting the benefits of an international experience for potential employers. As part of this program, students engage in reflections that articulate the importance of their experiences towards becoming a true global citizen. International Programs presents the perfect resource for participants to meet the program’s international sustained experience requirement.

Benefits Of Studying Abroad / Participating In The Global Citizenship Certificate Program

By studying abroad and participating in the Global Citizenship Certificate Program, students gain invaluable benefits including the following:

  • Becoming a more cross-cultural and globally-conscious citizen of the world;
  • Developing important competencies which will assist in effective collaboration with people from different cultures;
  • Acquiring skills necessary to enter a multicultural and diverse work force;
  • Demonstrating to graduate schools and future employers preparation for successfully dealing with today’s global society through both academics and cross-cultural experiences;
  • Receiving a certificate of program completion and having that completion noted on all official transcripts.

Note: International Programs students wishing to complete the program must also take courses addressing contemporary international issues, reflect on international events or activities, and complete a synthesis project.

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Join the Elite in the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society

This prestigious program launched in the fall of 2010 as a way to recognize undergraduate students who excel in a variety of campus engagement areas. To be eligible for induction as a member of the Garnet and Gold Society, students will need to complete required components in three of five engagement areas. Those five areas are: Leadership, Internship, Service, International and Research.

Completing Requirements Through Our Program Opportunities

Students must complete a Florida State approved intensive international experience abroad to satisfy a component of the International engagement area. Also, students must complete an internship to satisfy the internship engagement area. International Programs provides students with two perfect opportunities to satisfy these requirements.

Two options for two completions:

  • By choosing to complete one of our over fifty programs along with taking an approved intercultural communications course and then properly responding to the reflection prompts regarding the study abroad experience, students can fully satisfy the requirements for the society’s “International Engagement” area.
  • Additionally, our international internships give students the opportunity to have a rich, cultural work experience while satisfying a requirement for the “Internship Engagement” area of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society program.

Note: Fully completing the Global Citizenship Certificate is an additional way to satisfy the requirements for the International Engagement area.

Garnet And Gold Scholars Society Benefits

Members of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society:

  • Receive special recognition at graduation
  • Receive special designation on official university transcript
  • Take part in this unique initiative, created by former FSU President Eric Barron
  • Are more marketable to potential employers
  • Are set apart from the competition after graduation
  • Are capable of articulating how their involvement on campus has prepared them for post collegiate plans

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Apply for a National Fellowship

As a motivated and high-achieving student with an intellectual curiosity, you may want to explore options for over 60 nationally competitive fellowship experiences.

Your international experience may give you an edge when applying for a National Fellowship. Additionally, there are a number of fellowships that provide the opportunity for post-graduate study abroad.

The Office of National Fellowships offers guidance and assistance in the fellowship planning and application process. Students can receive direct assistance through one-on-one mentoring. Additionally, they receive support in clarifying and reaching their academic and personal goals.

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Complete Your Career Portfolio

Share your international experience with the world! Learn how to articulate your experience through your resume and interviews.

Take advantage of the toolkit provided through the university’s award-winning Career Portfolio. Through this online resource you will begin preparation for the work world through planning, reflection, skill development and portfolio documentation.

The Career Center offers a variety of resources to assist in preparation for life after graduation. Students have access to career counseling, resume critiques, mock interviews.

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