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Admission Criteria
Priority is given to students with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or above. Students below the minimum standard may petition for admission. Both in-state and out-of-state students may be eligible, but preference is given to students who are enrolled in The Florida State University and other State of Florida universities. Program enrollment is limited. Early application is advisable. Non-Florida State college students must submit official transcripts to the Office of International Programs (IP).

To apply for a specific program, you must first go to the relevant program page, and then click on the “Apply Now” button from that page, which you can find by using the program location links on the left margin menu or by using our “program finder."

Program Details
See each program for its details. Fees, courses, prices, dates and all details for all programs are subject to change. Dates listed in this catalog indicate the first night in housing until the morning of the program’s last day. In many instances, this may require leaving the U.S. a day earlier than the first date listed.

Courses and Credits
For course descriptions and semester credit hours per course, see the site specific page on this website. Distance learning courses may also be available.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all courses, except language courses, are taught in English.
  • Courses at all summer IP locations may be used toward fulfilling the university 9-hour summer residency requirement.
  • Fall/Spring students must take at least 12 credit hours through IP. Visa requirements may supersede this policy.
  • Students on 4-week sessions must enroll in 3 credit hours unless the program is designed for students to take more.
  • Students on 5-, 6- and 8-week sessions must enroll in at least 6 credit hours.
  • Students on 10-week sessions must enroll in at least 9 credit hours.
  • Students on sessions of 12 weeks or more must take at least 12 credit hours, with 6 credits in each of the 5- or 6-week sessions (if applicable). Students on the London 12-week session must take at least 3 credit hours per 4-week session.
Note: Specific location requirements for credit load may vary and will be addressed during registration.
  • When International Programs offers online courses, students may not take more than one online course per term.
  • University drop/add policies apply to all programs; however, the IP policy on minimum credit hours remains in effect. Students may not drop below the minimum requirements specified above.
  • Students may be approved to take additional credits beyond those included in the program fee by paying an additional fee.
  • Currently, an additional undergraduate 3-credit course is $700; an additional graduate 3-credit course is $1,100. Standard overload permission requirements apply.
  • Students may opt to take Directed Individual Study (DIS) courses with Florida State faculty at program locations, pending departmental approval. Contact the IP office for information.

International Programs Minors
International Programs offers several minors, designed to enhance and provide focus to a student’s program in England, Italy or Spain. The minors are built around the residency in the respective study center location, but can be pursued before and after it as well. Each minor requires 15 credits (to include at least two disciplines), of which 9 must be taken in at the study center location. Students may choose from various disciplines. Consult the Florida State Bulletin and contact International Programs for formal declaration of the minor.

Information for Non-FSU Students

Not an FSU Student?  Not a problem!
International Programs accepts applications from students from all colleges and universities. Students from other schools are classified as Transient students. This means they are degree-seeking students elsewhere, but will attend The Florida State University for at least one term.

Apply on-line at International Programs. In addition, be sure to send an official transcript from the home school to International Programs, The Florida State University, A5500 University Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2420. If students have attended more than one school, the transcript from the most recently attended school will suffice because it usually has credits from the other school(s) posted.

Completion of the Program
Non-FSU students must submit the FSU International Programs Transcript Request form prior to studying abroad in order to receive one free transcript after the semester grades are posted. Once a program ends and grades are posted, the official transcript from Florida State is sent to the address indicated on the Transcript Request Form.

For Summer semester, grades will post to students’ final transcripts in mid-August regardless of the dates of your program. Grades will post in mid-December for Fall students and in early May for Spring students.

Additional transcript requests and fees must be submitted through the Registrar’s website:

For More Information
Still have questions? Please call 850-644-3272 or 800-374-8581 or email us at:

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